About Us


About Us

PREXIDO UAB was established and began operating in Lithuania in 2022.
We aim to grow into one of the world’s most popular Cryptocurrencies P2P platform for exchanging Cryptocurrencies. And this is only the beginning.

Our mission

Our mission is to break down financial barriers, advance the global economy, and create positive social change around the globe. When it comes to making cryptocurrency trading and investing more accessible for people, we never stop innovating and improving the user experience.

Our Values

While on this enormous journey, we hold ourselves to three simple values.

Work like a Champ

Here at PREXIDO UAB, we make superhuman efforts to accomplish our goals. We work around the clock to give our customers exactly what they want. Through our efforts, the lives of billions of people around the world will be improved.

Built for People

We prioritize our users before financial gain when making decisions. We’re going to places that most people have forgotten about. We’re making it easier for people to start their own businesses, create schools, and support the success of their families.

Keep in touch with the streets.

We listen to our users around the clock. Instead of being in high-rise buildings with “the suits,” we’d rather be out in the community. We constantly interact with our users, seek their opinions, and use that information to improve our products.